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Authentic, unique values, unbreakable bonds. For the FW 15/16 season, Blauer has decided to celebrate the family – that energy that comes from being together and sharing experiences. Check out images of our two models Davi Costa Suares and Daniela Freitas, who are a couple in real life and have two beautiful daughters.
#unconventionalfamily #blauerspeople

Fall Winter Collection

For the FW15-16 season, Blauer has discovered new ways of living, following new paths, taking the concept of family and filling it with new meanings: a male and female model with their little girl, a family of travelers, a band and a team. These are all families that combine traditional values with new influences and passions, giving life to unique and truly original combinations. Just like the FW15-16 collection, in which garments combine different fabrics, paired and mixed together. “What’s your #unconventionalfamily”