Blauer USA was one of the first brands to turn the brilliant idea of ultralight down jackets into a real product. It was a global success, thanks to innovative technical materials and the expert use of Italian design. All unnecessary bulk and weight have been removed, making ultralight down jackets a highly versatile addition to every wardrobe and every look. Ultralight down jackets for the spring-summer season maintain all the most advanced technologies used in the winter collection, from fabrics to accessories, but with weights and strengths suitable for less severe weather. They are the ideal solution for those who want maximum freedom of movement without sacrificing effective protection and a flawless modern style. Light spring down jackets are also perfect to wear under a jacket or coat in autumn. High-quality nylon exterior, 90/10 down padding, intriguing color shades and contrasts: every feature is carefully thought out. If you can't do without a soft but lightweight jacket, also check out our 100 gram models. You will find it hard to make a choice!

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